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Sonicworld is committed to sonic audio quality. Whether you choose to attend your session or order services online the approach and philosophy at Sonicworld remains the same, to make your audio sound the best it can keeping energy, dynamics and overall musicality at the fore.


U87 Mic Sonicworld Recording Studios, Devon - UK

Sonicworld’s recording studio is a no compromise setup ideal for tracking vocals, electric and acoustic instruments (guitar/bass), percussion and general overdubs.


Mixing Service - Sonicworld Recording Studios Devon, UK

A variety of high quality analogue and digital precision equalizers and compressors breath life and warmth into mixes. Adam Diamantides has ten years of studio experience and has worked projects spanning a large variety of musical genres.

Online Mixing

Online Mixing Service Sonicworld Recording Studios UK

Every track is treated with meticulous attention to detail and a unique approach in order to maintain energy and dynamics. A combination of world class analogue outboard gear and plug-ins from Sony Oxford, SSL+ more will be used to make your audio sparkle.


Audio Mastering Services

Top class mastering grade analogue precision equalisers and compressors are used to make your audio release ready.

Online Mastering

Online Mastering Service Sonicworld Recording Studios UK

Sonicworld’s on-line mastering service offers affordable way to have your music professionally mastered and prepared for digital release. Pricing is on a per track basis making costs predictable and helping you stay within budget. Your tracks will be mastered using exactly the same equipment and approach as more expensive attended sessions.