The Studio

Based in Totnes, Devon UK, Sonicworld Recording Studios is committed to delivering great sounding audio.

The recording studio was designed to the highest specification providing a combination analogue warmth and clarity and Pro Tools HD digital dexterity.

Accurate monitoring is achieved with astoundingly transparent Crane Song Avocet studio monitor controller combined with the renowned Focal, Yamaha NS10 and Genelec studio monitors. At Sonicworld what you hear is what you get.

adam_diamantidesWith over ten years of studio experience, recording, mixing and mastering records, Adam has the technical expertise and requisite knowledge to offer creative approach to music production and sound engineering.

“My goal with Sonicworld’s recording studio was to create a no compromise audio engineering environment with the best analogue gear I could find while embracing the power of digital.”

Also an experienced guitarist and composer Adam’s journey into sound engineering stems from a creative musical background. Adam has worked on records spanning multiple genres from electronica to jazz. Recent work can be heard here.

Studio Specification


Focal Twin 6 BE Monitors
Genelec 1030A Active Monitors
Yamaha NS10M Monitors
Crane Song Avocet Monitor Controller


Crane Song Spider 8 channel Mic Pre
2 X Avalon Vt 737sp
TFPro Definitive EQ
TFPro Mastering Compressor


Crane Song Spider Summing Mixer


2 X Neumann U87 Ai MT
Neumann TLM103 P48 Neumann KM 184
2 X Coles 4038
2 X Shure Beta 57A 2 X SM 57
Shure SM58
Audix D6
2 X AKG C1000S AKG D112
AKG C4000


Digidesign 192 I/O
Pro Tools HD Natvie
Digidesign MIDI I/O


Pro Tools 10
Logic Pro Studio


Apple Mac Intel 8core 2.26