Sonicworld-Productions-Past-and-Present-49We are committed to sonic quality! Sonicworld offers a competitively priced online mastering service which you can purchase from this website. Alternatively if you have a higher budget attended sessions are available at standard studio rates.

Tools used to make each track sound as good as it can at Sonicworld include:

  • World class AD/DA converters from Crane Song.
  • The Crane song avocet studio monitor controller (fast becoming the mastering engineers weapon of choice worldwide).
  • The TFPRO definitive Equaliser.
  • Valve EQ’s from Avalon
  • And the P38 mastering compressor.
  • Also an array of plugins from Sony Oxford, Abbey Road and more . .

Of course mastering is not just about one track. It’s about making a collection of tracks sound great next to each other as a coherent whole.